Friday, December 30, 2011

Nappy Friday natural styles!

NAPPY FRIDAY ALL!!!!!!!!  Im the sister blog in style to Blacque Look Bok & Its Friday & that time again to show off our Natural Hair & stand up & be proud of being NAPURAL!!!!!! This post is for some Napural hair porn, maybe you need an idea for tomorrow night hair style!!! If you need to cops a few looks of inspiartioin outfits please check out my sister in style blogs they will have you HAWTies looking to good for 2012!!!! The links are posted below!!! ENJOY................................................





BLACQUE VENTI  HAWTIE - Nathifa, my BBF & sister blog in style from 



UCB HAWTIE- Tamisha, my blog sister in style from TheUrbanClassBoutique








Hey HAWTies going into the new year my Sister bogs & I will be doing more posting on Napural Hair & how we maintain our since we all are Napural!!! So if you have any questions or topics you want us to cover please shoot an email to Thanks for ALL YOUR SUPPORT HAWTies!!


Thursday, December 29, 2011


Ok, so .... let's just keep it real, we can't be wear these super haute dress and jumpers for the new year without the proper shapewear. The best shapewear don't ride up on or roll and shift is SPANX. Many of us don't purchase spanx because of the cost. I have located some Spanx must haves that is reasonably priced for us vixens with extra curves. Depending on what you are wearing and who you will be taking it off  this year, make your choices carefully....LOL. XOXOXO.....MUAH!!!!

SPANX® - High-Waisted Tight-End Tights - Royal Plum SKU: 546570                                        
High-Waisted Tight-End Tights         
Color- Royal Plum                       

 SPANX® - High-Waisted Tight-End Tights - Blue Jeans SKU: 500507
High-Waisted Tight-End Tights
Color-Blue Jeans                       
Both are $38.00 @        

SPANX® - Tight-End Tights Reversible - Black And Brown SKU: 575539                                                                  
Tight-End Tights        
Color- Reversible Black And Brown                                                  

  SPANX® - Tight-End Tights - Argyle Diamond SKU: 562011

Tight-End Tights
Color- Black Argyle Diamond
Both @

SPANX® - In-Power Line Super Higher Power - Black SKU: 568466                                                                   
In-Power Line Super Higher Power 
Color- Black (More colors avail) 

  SPANX® - In-Power Line Super High Shaping Sheers - Nude SKU: 536576

In-Power Line  High Shaping Sheers     


  Nude Mesh Shaping Bodysuit SKU: 590834

Nude Mesh Shaping Bodysuit

So divas.... let know how everythang SHAPES up!!!!!

Color- Nude (More colors avail)
Both @ 

Dressin' It...

Sometimes it's hard finding trendy dresses to wear in the winter months that are fun, flirty, stylish and that can be worn with a pair of boots. I luckly found a few that fit the description above. I think it's important for us "Big Gals" to be able to have options and feel not only comfortable but sexy. So check out the dresses and holla at ya gurl !!!

                                        Black Floral Chiffon Dress SKU: 522944
                            Black Floral Chiffon Dress $64.50 @


                 Navy Blue Balloon Sleeve Sweater Dress $58.50 @

                         Ruched Combo Dress $32.80 @

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


It's starting to get cold outside....Time to break out those winter coats! This year Fur seems to be in. So here are some awesome fur coats and vest for us plus size vixens that are reasonably priced.  Xoxoxox.....Muah!!!

 Faux Shearling Coat
Faux Shearling Coat $71.70 @

 Faux Suede Cascading Shearling Vest
Faux Suede Cascading Shearling Vest $49.50 @

Faux Fur Vest $34.80 @

Here's some ideas on how to rock it! I can't just tell you the ingredients and not show you the finished product.



Friday, December 23, 2011

Backseat fly...

I recently had my 1st chile and since she prefers the breast instead of the bottle from me, I ride in the backseat. I can't help but think about always getting cute s a teenager and having to ride in the front seat. Now, I realize you can be "Backseat Fly"!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


 Fun jackets can completely change a outfit. It's all about statement pieces. So I found some pretty dope jackets for us plus size divas that can Jack-Ya outfit up a level. So keep reading and you will see examples of how to wear them as well as where you can find something like it. Keep looking.....xoxoxo muah!!!!


"The Tribal Look"

       Tribal Print Open Jacket $26.75 @

            "Fun Prints"

      Open Peacock Jacket $17.80 @

        "Sexy Leather"

             Faux Leather Shawl Collar Jacket
 Faux Leather Shawl Collar Jacket $34.98 @

Don't Sweat Me!!!!

It's not always cold enuff to wear a coat. Sometimes you just need a sweater to not only keep warm but it also can put a little attitude in your look. I'm always looking for a reason to be a little different. Here are a couple of haute sweaters that will have everybody sweatin' ya. Check 'em out and let me know if you like 'em....Xoxoxo...Muah!

Southwestern Open Cardigan $29.80 @

Torrid Retro Chic -  Black and White Anchor Deep V-Neck Cardigan SKU: 571483
Torrid Retro Chic - Black and White Anchor Deep V-Neck Cardigan $38.50 @

                                  Paintball print 3/4 sleeve cardigan by Lane Bryant
                    Dot print 3/4 sleeve cardigan  $59.95 @


So every so often i will be keeping you up to date on new lip items from healthy lip glosses to haute new lip sticks. To kick things off.... I found these lip applicators called lip tattoos. They come in 3 pack  and cost anywhere from $9.99 to $15.00. They have been spotted on some of the fashion forward celebs. Check them out at !

Image Gallery

Red Zebra

Image Gallery

Pink Poke-a-dot

Image Gallery

Red Fishnet

Kim Kardashian Lip Tattoo

Kim Kardashian in Blk & White Checked

Keyshia cole is endorsing  a lip tattoo called “Lip Minx” by Violent Lips.
Photo source:

Kiesha Cole in Pink Cheetah