Friday, January 6, 2012

Blacque Look 1/5

Lately I have been feeling real 80's. I love scarves they are the best way to create a different look. I have been using them this week to create my hair bows. Well just to show yall I practice what I preach, I will be showing yall my look. Which is only fair that it's entitled "Blacque Look".

 Gotta Love my Bow earrings.....

Big hair don't care!!!!

My Hooded vest

This is how to upgrade a

Thermal: Target - $6
Black leggings: Target- $ 11
Black /Grey Wingtip flats: Rainbow clothing store- $10
Grey / Blk Leather & Blue Denim Hooded Vest: City Trends- $12
Total outfit cost: $40.00

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