Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Simply made~up

Today's Simply made~up tip is Colored Eye-Liner.

Colored eyeliner can completely change your eye makeup. It also can add a dramatic look without adding any additional eye make~up i.e. eye shadow. Here is my top picks on the best colored eyeliner as well as some examples of how to wear it.

Color eyeliner brands:
 # 1. M.A.C. Fluidline

This eyeliner is best applied with a eyeliner brush, since it is a cream. It provides a smudge-proof, long-lasting finish. 

Top color choices for this brand is:
 Color: Waveline
      Color: MacroViolet
   Color: Ash Violet

#2. L'Oreal HiP High Intensity Color Truth Cream Eyeliner

HiP High Intensity Pigment Color Truth Cream Eyeliner, Midnight Blue

This one comes with a special liner brush. It also has a rich color, so it looks the same as it does in the jar.

Top color choices for this brand is:
 Color: Teal
               Color: Midnight Blue
      Color: Eggplant

#3. Wet n' Wild Color Icon Brow & Eye liner

This one is a pencil for yall ladies who don't feel comfortable with using liquid or a brush. It glides on smooth and its not hard like other eye pencils.

Top color choices for this brand is:
      Color: Turquoise
 Color: Green
 Color: Purple

Here got some examples of how color eye liner looks with eyeshadow and by itself...

 Just color  eye liner:

Eye shadow & colored eyeliner:

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